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Check Out Trailer, Stills, and More Cast for Upcoming “Neko Atsume” Movie

Recently, it was announced -- no joke -- that a film was being made on the popular cat-collecting app Neko Atsume. Now there's even...
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Chinese Service Lists “Saga Of Tanya” Anime For 26 Episodes

Last May, the first indication that Twin Star Exorcists would run 50 episodes came from leading Chinese streaming company iQIYI. Now, they may have...
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Check Preview for “Yowamushi Pedal” Character Songs by Onoda & Teshima

Toho Animation's official YouTube channel has posted a five-minute preview for the first character song CD from Yowamushi Pedal New Generation, the ongoing third...
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“Princess Principal” Original TV Anime’s Cast, Staff And Visuals Revealed

A new anime has been annoounced by Bandau Visual in Princess Principal and is slated to air this Summer in Japan. The original series...

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