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Bandai Visual has posted a 100-second preview for the upcoming Blu-ray "THE SOUND OF TIGER & BUNNY 2016" that contains the Tiger & Bunny franchise's 5th anniversary orchestra concert held at Tokyo International Forum on August 11 and 12. It was the second concert following the first one held at Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama on September 20, 2015, as the fourth anniversary.

As with the first one, Stern Bild Orchestra & Band, conducted by the original soundtrack composer Yoshihiro Ike, played the music from the TV series and two films. And the three heroes in costume, Wild Tiger, Barnaby Brooks Jr., and Sky High showed their action performance on the stage. The 200-minute disc will be available in Japan on January 27, 2017.


15-second CM

Sleeve case illustration drawn by the original character designer Msakazu Katsura

8/11・12に東京国際フォーラムで開催された「THE SOUND OF TIGER &
BUNNY 2016」コンサートレポートを公式HPにアップいたしました。遅くなって申し訳ございません。 #tigerbunny https://t.co/IDzjsJWSdO pic.twitter.com/bnqpcHa4dC

— TIGER & BUNNY (@TIGERandBUNNY) October 31, 2016

「THE SOUND OF TIGER & BUNNY 2016」Blu-rayが2017年1月27日発売決定!8/12夜公演の演奏パートをもとに全3公演より構成・編集。特典にはメイキング映像などを収録。 #tigerbunny https://t.co/3qNsOUv7Pz pic.twitter.com/An8evwR3oQ

— TIGER & BUNNY (@TIGERandBUNNY) October 31, 2016

Source: "Tiger & Bunny" official website


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