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Bandai's official online store Premium Bandai today started accepting pre-orders for two wireless stereo headsets collaborating with the upcoming anime film Kuroko's Basketball: Last Game for a March 2017 release in Japan. The collaboration items manufactured by famous Japanese audio company JVC Kenwood are inspired by the uniforms of the two teams appear in the film, VORPALSWORDS and Strky. The price is 7,020 yen (about 62.55 US dollars) and pre-orders will be closed when reaching its prepared production number.

Kuroko's Basketball: Last Game, the all-new film based on the manga's eight-episode sequel series Kuroko's Basketball Extra Game is set to be released in Japan on March 18, and the collaboration items are expected to be available around at the same time.


Strky model

"Kuroko's Basketball: Last Game" full trailer

Poster Visual

Source: Bandai Life Division press release

(C) Tadatoshi Fujimaki/Shueisha

(C) Tadatoshi Fujimaki/Shueisha, Kuroko's Basketball Production Committee

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