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This week Kodansha Comics has launched English, digital releases of three new shoujo and josei manga, including Taamo's 2010 13-volume House of the Sun (aka Taiyou no Ie), Mari Yoshino's 2007 13-volume Peach Heaven! (aka Momoiro Heaven!) Tsunami Umino's 2012 8-volume ongoing The Full-Time Wife Escapist (aka Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu). The first two are from from Dessert magazine and the third is from Kiss.

House of the Sun Vol. 1

by Taamo


As a child, Mao spent all her time at Hiro’s house across the street. Going to his house always made her feel cheerful. A few years later… Mao’s father gets remarried and Mao finds herself with nowhere to call home. Hiro ends up letting her stay with him in the house he is protecting all by himself since the death of his parents. However…! A love story unfolds between the two childhood friends of different ages!

Peach Heaven! Vol. 1

by Mari Yoshino


At first glance, Momoko Shina may appear to be nothing more than your average high school girl, but she has a secret identity as the famous erotica author George Aihara. After she witnesses an intimate moment between one of her teachers and the supermodel Ranmaru, she borrows a little too much from reality in an effort to beat the deadline on her latest story. When Ranmaru gets wind of this, he makes Momoko an offer she can't refuse… Watch the sparks fly as these two try to figure each other out in this high-tension romantic comedy!

The Full-Time Wife Escapist

by Tsunami Umino


What’s a girl to do when there are no jobs? Once Mikuri Moriyama got out of grad school, all she could find was a temp job, and they just laid her off! Worried about his daughter, her dad helps her get a job doing housekeeping for this guy he used to work with named Tsuzaki. Just when things are starting to go well, though, Mikuri’s parents decide it’s time to move out to the countryside. She’ll likely be unemployed for the rest of her life if she goes with them, but she doesn’t make enough money to rent her own place. That’s when Mikuri, always the daydreamer, comes up with a solution out of left field…

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