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Devil Homura and QB aren't necessarily a pair that suggest an upbeat new year. Yet, Madoka Magica anime character designer Junichiro Taniguchi featured an the ominous version of Homura is his message thanking fans for following him on social media and wishing them the best in 2017. Then, anime studio Shaft tapped Nobuhiro Sugiyama (Madoka animation, character designer on Arakawa Under the Bridge, Nisekoi, March Comes in Like A Lion) for another take on the duo.

旧年中は多大なご声援ありがとうございました。今年も精一杯頑張ります!変わらぬご愛顧のほど宜しくお願い致します。 pic.twitter.com/mALaMfY9Wk

— 谷口淳一郎 (@syaorin_2009) December 31, 2016

イラスト:杉山延寛 pic.twitter.com/TrO6KvbCKt

— シャフト (@shaft_official) December 31, 2016

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