Maya Okamoto Sings Theme Songs for Imaginary 1990’s TV Anime
Maya Okamoto Sings Theme Songs For Imaginary 1990’s TV Anime

Voice actress Maya Okamoto (Haruka Minato in Martian Successor Nadesiso, Yuki Saiko in Silent Möbius) is taking the leading role in an audio CD project that features theme music and insert songs for Raijin Hakkei -ZANAM- Femme Fatale Unmei no Hito (known in English as Wind of Femme Fatale), a popular 1990's TV anime that doesn't actually exist.

In addition to singing the theme and insert songs and providing the voice for the protagonist of ZANAM, Okamoto is also writing the lyrics to some of the songs. Other songs feature lyrics by RUCCA, and Kei Kato provides composition and arrangement for the album. Manga artist Kia Asamiya (Silent Möbius) will create the artwork for the CD.

No release date has yet been set for the Raijin Hakkei -ZANAM- Femme Fatale Unmei no Hito CD project, althought an official website has been published.



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