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Voice actors Nobuhiko Okamoto and Junichi Suwabe will play the leading roles in Vatican Mircale Examiner, an upcoming TV anime based on the series of gothic mystery light novels written by Rin Fujiki and illustrated by THORES Shibamoto about a pair of priests who work as supernatural investigators for the Vatican.

Nobuhiko Okamoto will play Hiraga Josef Kō, while Junichi Suwabe will play Robert Nicholas. Additionally, a short teaser trailer (below) for Vatican Miracle Examiner has also been published to the official Kadokawa Anime Youtube channel:

The story of Vatican Miracle Examiner (known as Vatican Kiseki Chosakan in Japanese) follows two priests – Hiraga Josef Kō, a brilliant scientist, and Robert Nicholas, an expert in ancient documents and cryptanalysis – as they investigate alleged miracles for the Seat of Saints of the Roman Catholic Church.

Vatican Miracle Examiner is directed by Yoshitomo Yonetani and features animation by J.C. Staff. The series will debut on Japanese TV in July of 2017.



Official Vatican Miracle Examiner Twitter feed (@kisekichosakan)

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