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After the success of the English release of Princess Maker 2 Refine, CFK is digging back into Gainax's catalog for the game that started it all. Soon an upgrade of the original, titled Princess Maker Refine, will be hitting Steam.

Originally released by Gainax in 1991, Princess Maker casts the player as the adoptive father of a young war orphan. You have eight years to raise her — via lessons, battles, and social encounters — into a princess. Well, ideally a princess. The game has 74 potential outcomes for your daughter's career, and a variety of factors dictate whom (if anyone) she'll marry. There are several games in the series, including six main franchise games, a board game, puzzle games, social games, and apps.

Many of the games received fan translations, with PM2 being one the most popular. While the original Princess Maker isn't as in-depth with its choices of jobs and events, it does have a wide variety of different outfits for Maria (the daughter character) and the ability to send her on quests.

Game creator and character designer Takami Akai returned to oversee the Refine release, which upgrades the 16-bit art to full-color and adds voice acting.

Princess Maker Refine will be available this month on Steam for $9.99.



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