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D21c20a7088e83db9656fa4889b182981490452705 Full

Some hot news arrived this weekend with plans for a summer 2017 TV broadcast of the second season of the Owarimonogatari (Final Story) anime. This one will adapt stories "Mayoi Hell," "Hitagi Rendezvous," and "Ougi Dark." from the twelvth part of Nisio Isin's Monogatari modern folklore mystery series. The previous 12 episode adaptation with "Ougi Formula," "Sodachi Riddle" and "Sodachi Lost" ran in fall 2015.

Owarimonogatari S2 PV by pKjd

さらに、4/7より毎週金曜24:00~、2015年に放送された「終物語」の再放送が決定!新公式HPはこちら→https://t.co/r6B4xOG5tp pic.twitter.com/YF74DAF1cN

— 西尾維新アニメプロジェクト (@nisioisin_anime) March 25, 2017


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