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"Morning Glory" and "Freesia," the themes to Sakura Quest, the PA Works' team behind Hanasaku Iroha and SHIROBAKO, are scheduled to be released June 7th. Preparing for this, TOHO Animation has posted clean versions of the spring 2017 anime's opening and ending.

CD情報→ https://t.co/4Leth2W5UE#サクラクエスト pic.twitter.com/ebkhjjE1LQ

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(K)NoW_NAME (Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash) are on the themes. The group illudes


Ayaka Tachinbana, NIKIIE, AIJ

[Music Creators]

R.O.N, Makoto Miyazaki, Shuhei Mutsuki, Kohei by SIMONSAYZ, eNu, Genki Mizuno


so-bin (of Overlord fame)

Previews of the cover art for their Morning Glory and Freesia have also been published


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