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Eight-member Japanese rock band Wagakki Band has released a four and half minutes full music video for "OKINOTAYUU," the lead track from their upcoming third full album "Shikisai" to be released in Japan on March 22. "Okinotayuu" is an alternative name for short-tailed albatross in Japanese, and the ballad song tells "a journey of the time and seasons" from the bird's point of view.

The 17-song album also includes "Kishi Kaisei" (TV Tokyo's Rio Olympics theme song), "Mi.Ra.I"(TV Tokyo's Rio Olympics supporters' song), "Strong Fate" (Movie Zan-e: The Inerasable- image song), and "Valkyrie -Ikusa Otome- (TV anime Twin Star Exorcists 1st OP song).


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"Kishi Kaisei" MV

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"Valkyrie -Ikusa Otome-" MV

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