“Washio Sumi Is a Hero” Airs First 30-Second Commercial
“Washio Sumi Is A Hero” Airs First 30 Second Commercial

The back story to Yuki Yuna Is a Hero character Washio Sumi is coming to theaters soon in a film trilogy. The first 30-second ad for the first film, subtitled, Friends, is now airing:

Yuuki Yuuna -Washio Sumi no Shou- Film 1 CM by pKjd

The trailer also includes a piece of Suzuko Mimori's theme for the film, "Sakiwafuhana."

Yuki Yuna is a Hero -Chapter of Washio Sumi- is based on the illustrated novel series Washio Sumi Is a Hero, set two years prior to Yuki Yuna. After the film trilogy has aired, it will be reworked slightly and rebroadcast as a TV anime.

Friends will premiere March 18, with the other two parts — Spirit and Promise — premiering April 15 and July 8, respectively. Advance ticket sales will include a special-edition Yuki Yuna clear file.

Source: pKjd


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