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Shizuoka-based company Maganetop's Megane Ichiba, an optician retail chain with one of the largest numbers of stores in Japan, will start offering 10 new all-season glasses inspired by the main characters from the Yowamushi Pedal anime franchise at its 904 stores across Japan on January 28, 2017. They are the official collaboration items with the TV anime's upcoming third season "New Generation" to premiere in Japan on January 9, 2017. The all 10 set including frames, lenses, and its case will be sold at the price of 16,200 yen (about 108 US dollars), and will be available till the stock last.

Main visual

Sakamichi Onoda model

Sangaku Manami model

Shoukichi Naruko model

Hayato Shinkai model

Shunsuke Imaizumi model

Yasutomo Arakita model

Yusuke Makishima model

Jinpachi Toudou model

Junta Teshima model

Hajime Aoyagi model

TVアニメ第3期『弱虫ペダル NEW GENERATION』新キービジュアルを解禁!各地域の放送情報も発表!→

— 弱虫ペダル_アニメ (@yowapeda_anime) November 23, 2016

Premiere schedule in Japan

January 9: TV Tokyo (25:35-), TV Aichi (27:05-), TV Hokkaido (25:35-), TVQ Kyushu (27:00-)

January 10: TV Osaka (27:05-), TV Setouchi (26:10-)

January 12: AT-X (21:00-)

January 15: NBC Nagasaki (25:20-)

3rd season PV

Source: Megane Top press release

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